IVF related infections
IVF related infections

Infections are always a possibility when a medical procedure is done. The same risks are also associated with IVF.

  • Infection during egg retrieval and embryo transfer
    During the process of egg retrieval and embryo transfer, a needle is introduced into the uterus. In egg retrieval, the needle is then guided using ultrasound scanning to the ovaries where the eggs are collected. In embryo transfer, the needle is used to deposit the fertilized embryos to a suitable place and deposited for implantation. Both of these processes can cause infection. If you experience pain, pressure or bleeding after the procedure, bring it to the fertility expert’s notice immediately.
  • Infection in males during IVF
    Males can also face infection during IVF if the sperm was collected directly from the epididymis.

With the new norms of sanitation and hygiene, the cases of infection after IVF are very rare all over the globe. Any infection after the IVF procedure can be treated with antibiotics if caught early. Hospitalization may be required if a severe infection is found.

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