IVF side effects
IVF side effects

Fertility treatments like IVF are very safe. But like any medical procedure, there are some potential side effects that you need to be aware of. These side effects are rarely seen and when they do manifest, they are temporary and mild. If you experience any major side effects or have any concerns, you must talk to your fertility specialist at Oasis immediately.

  • Bruising or soreness
    At the ovulation induction stage of the IVF cycle, fertility medication will be given to you to help your ovaries to produce more eggs. Occasionally, women can feel pain, tenderness and/or bruising at the sites of the injection. This is normal and will resolve in some days.
  • Breast tenderness
    The tenderness of the breast can happen as a result of the hormones and drugs given to you as a part of the IVF treatment. It can also occur after the embryo transfer and is often thought to be among the first signs of pregnancy.
  • Nausea
    Very rarely women may experience vomiting and/or nausea during the IVF treatment.
  • Bloating
    Bloating is familiar to women who menstruate. During IVF, the women may experience similar bloating due to the hormones used to stimulate the production of eggs.
  • Hot flashes
    Many women undergoing the IVF treatment experience hot flashes. This is again due to the hormone and fertility drugs given to them.
  • Mood swings
    The medications that induce hormonal changes can cause mood swings. Feelings like restlessness, irritability and discomfort may also come with it.
  • Fatigue
    With the body undergoing major hormonal and physiological changes, women can feel extremely tired or fatigued. The other side effects like hot flashes can also cause fatigue.
  • Allergic reaction
    On extremely rare occasions, women can experience some allergic reactions to the drugs given. Allergic reactions can be in the form of itching or redness. Talk to your fertility expert if this happens to you as soon as possible.

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