Low quality of eggs in IVF
Low quality of eggs in IVF

Women close to menopausal age and those who are experiencing failed IVF cycles might have a poor quality of eggs. The quality of eggs is almost synonymous to the implantation probability. Majority of an embryo’s quality is determined by the female ovum. This is why the quality of egg is very crucial to fertility treatment. Poor egg quality has often been attributed to the following reasons.

  • Age

Age is one of the most important factors that determine the quality of eggs. With advancing age, the ovary’s capability of producing high quality eggs start to diminish.

  • Low AMH levels

Low AMH or anti-mullerian hormone also indicates low quality of eggs as it contributes to diminished ovarian reserve.

  • Diminished ovarian reserve

Ovarian reserve refers to the reproductive potential left within a woman’s ovaries based on the number and quality of eggs. This is noted to naturally decline as the woman reaches menopause. This can also happen early in some women. Such cases are called premature ovarian ageing and usually have problems with the quality of eggs.

  • PCOS

PCOS patients have a lower pregnancy potential, due to the lower egg quality. The effects of PCOS on the quality can differ based on the age of the patient and the kind of PCOS she suffers from.

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