Ovulation induction and multiple pregnancy risk
Ovulation induction and multiple pregnancy risk

Around 40% of the infertile women, suffer from issues with ovulation. Ovulation is the process in which the egg is released from the ovary every month in the middle of the menstrual cycle. If you are suffering from infertility due to any kind of ovulation problems, the fertility experts at Oasis may suggest ovulation induction.

Women who ovulate infrequently or do not ovulate at all are given fertility medications to induce ovulation. Ovulation induction is also done for women who are being treated with an IVF cycle. This is done to maximise the egg production so that more numbers of eggs can be retrieved.

One of the risks that come with ovulation induction, most commonly after controlled ovarian stimulation or IUI is multiple pregnancies. Multiple pregnancies come with the risks of High blood pressure, pre-eclampsia, diabetes, bleeding and having to undergo a caesarean section. These complications are of greater concern when the woman is over 35 years of age.

One or more of the babies from multiple births are also at risk of perinatal mortality, premature birth and the effects are the same. The world is slowly progressing towards a singleton IVF pregnancy. If you do get pregnant with a multiples, you will be closely monitored by your doctor to prevent any possible complication.

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