Pregnancy symptoms 7 days after embryo transfer
Pregnancy symptoms 7 days after embryo transfer

The pregnancy test is usually taken two weeks after the embryo transfer. But this wait may feel like a really long time. So, while you wait, you can look for the following signs that may tell you if you are pregnant or not. Please do keep in mind that these signs are not to be taken as a confirmation of a positive pregnancy.

  • Bleeding
    Light bleeding or spotting in the first few days that follow the IVF treatment. This is called implantation bleeding that happens when the embryo implants itself into the uterine wall. While this may cause concern, unless the bleeding is heavy, it is actually a reassuring sign.
  • Cramping
    You may be familiar with the cramping as signs of periods. When you have cramping, you may be worried that you might have your periods soon. But a successful transfer may also cause camping during the first seven days that follow the embryo transfer. Advised to drink more fluids and hydrate oneself
  • Sore breasts
    Sore breasts may be a sign of early pregnancy and hormone changes during pregnancy. You may have swollen tender breasts as a result of a successful pregnancy. This might also be the result of hormone medication that you have to consume during the two weeks wait.
  • Fatigue
    If the embryos have successfully implanted in your womb, you may feel extremely tired and fatigued.
  • Bloating
    The increase in progesterone and the changes in other hormone levels can cause you to feel bloated. This is common in early pregnancy and can continue for the rest of the pregnancy.

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