Risks of having twins in IVF
Risks of having twins in IVF

There is always a risk of having multiples with IVF. The chances of couples going through IVF treatment having twins is greater than in natural births. While this may seem ideal for many couples looking to be parents, fertility experts often advice against having multiples. This is because there are a set of risks that come with twin or multiple births.

  • Infant mortality
    Twins are up to 5 times more likely to die within a month when compared to singletons.
  • Premature or preterm birth
    Twins and multiples are more likely to be born preterm or premature when compared to single babies.
  • Low birth weight
    Babies who are twins are more likely to be born with low birth weight when compared to singletons.
  • Birth Defects
    There is an increased risk of birth defects when it comes to twins when in comparison to singletons. Cerebral palsy, heart defects and urogenital defects are the birth defects commonly seen in babies who are twins.
  • Health risks to the mother
    Women who are pregnant with twins or multiples have a higher risk of suffering from medical problems like gestational diabetes, preeclampsia and bleeding than women who are pregnant with a single baby. Talk to your fertility specialist about the possibility and the risks of having twin or multiple birth with IVF.

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