After IUI

What can you expect during and after the IUI Procedure?
The IUI procedure in itself takes no more than a few minutes to be completed. The procedure requires no aesthetic medication to be administered nor is there a need for an extensive post-procedural hospital stay. During the course of the procedure, the patient is required to be lying down on the doctor’s table in a typical gynecological examination manner. A speculum is inserted into the vagina, as in the case of a pap smear, and the sperm sample is then injected into the vaginal cavity with the help of a catheter.

Once the catheter is placed into the vaginal cavity, it is pushed into the uterus via the cervix to deliver the sperm.

Following the procedure, the patient is required to stay lying on the back for a while and then can head back home as normal. For a day or two, the patient may experience light spotting but is unlike the regular period flow.

Two weeks from the date of the IUI procedure, the patient can expect to know the results of her pregnancy.

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