Day 3 vs Day 5 Embryo Transfer

What is better – Day 3 or day 5 (blastocyst) embryo transfer?

The timeframe of embryo transfer is variable and dependent on a lot of factors, specific to the individuals in question. There are various events that precede the IVF cycle and that govern the trajectory of its completion – which is embryo transfer.

Day three and day five transfers are also known as cleavage and blastocyst transfers. Typically, it is a common practice to wait until the embryo reaches the blastocyst stage on day 5 to complete the transfer. This provides for a much higher rate of success, as opposed to the standard day 3 transfer. However, there are risks associated with day 5 transfers and are not recommended in all cases.

Previously, it was a common occurrence to transfer embryos on day 3, however, now it is increasingly being preferred to wait until day 5. Waiting until day 5 allows the doctors to see if there are some embryos that had the potential to fail, actually fail and fall by the wayside and thereby reduce the possibility of post-implantation failures. This also guards against multiple gestations and associated complications.

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