Embryo Donor

What is a donor embryo?

A donor embryo is fertilized by donor eggs & sperms that genetically belong to neither of the parents-to-be. Both the sperm and the eggs are sought from donors, fertilized, and transferred to the recipient’s uterus.

Who is a donor embryo for?

The donor embryo is an option for those couples who may not be able to conceive a child together and might need donor sperm and eggs. It can also be an option for those who would like to adopt a baby but would also like to experience a nine-month pregnancy.

How are donor embryos made?

Donor embryos can be made from the fertilized eggs of those who have frozen, leftover embryos donated to the respective clinic to be used by individuals in need of them as stated above.

What are the different types of donor embryos?

  • Anonymous Donor Embryos
    The identity of the biological parents will remain anonymous.

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