IUI & Chance for Pregnancy

How can an IUI cycle help to improve my chances of pregnancy?
IUI increases the chances of fertilization by putting sperm cells directly into the uterus around the time the female is ovulating. This helps the sperm get closer to the egg and thereby cutting down on the time and distance sperm has to travel, making it easier to fertilize the egg. IUI helps overcome various hurdles that the sperm has to take in the natural course of its journey and thereby improves the odds of fertilization and pregnancy.

Will I need multiple IUIs to become pregnant?
Yes, just as in the natural course of conception – just one intercourse is not sufficient, it is possible that an IUI cycle will not result in immediate fertilization and the couple in question will require to be patient and give it another try. Also, each failure is an opportunity for the fertility experts to learn & understand the causes leading to the failure and thereby address those concerns before a second or subsequent cycle.

How soon will we know if this treatment was successful?
It takes about a two-week window to conclusively ascertain the success or failure of IUI – during this timeframe you will know for sure whether you are pregnant or not. Missing a period can be the first sign of pregnancy, while a blood report will be undertaken to conclusively determine conception.

How many cycles of IUI should you try?
Couples who have been trying to achieve pregnancy in the natural course for four years or less are likely to have a higher chance of success than those with more than four years of failure by natural methods. Also, age is a determining factor in opting for multiple IUI cycles. In case of women less than 40 years of age, around three IUI cycles are preferred before an IVF can be tried, while those above 40 may try alternative methods after one failure of IUI.

Also, in case of serious medical conditions such as endometriosis and others – it may be better to directly opt for an alternative to IUI if you have gone past the age of 35 at the time of first IUI.

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