Post Embryo Transfer Care

What are the After-Embryo Transfer Precautions to take?

While it is no longer implied that everyone should have a mandatory period of best rest, it is however advisable in certain cases.

The return to normalcy is a good thing, and we encourage all patients to return to the normal routine of tasks but avoid certain strenuous regimes. This includes exercises, excessive physical labor, or sexual intercourse. Ideally, the patient should get sufficient rest on returning home from the embryo transfer, not indulge in a lot of work, find time to relax, and stay away from stress.

Patients must stick to the routine of medicines prescribed, remain positive at all times, stay away from excessive heat and not get too anxious about the pregnancy. It will be a two-week time period between the embryo transfer and a pregnancy test and precautions will be necessary for this time period.

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