Preparing for IVF Treatment

Treatment Preparation

Like all successful procedures, adequate planning and preparation helps IVF. The preparation phase can last as long as 3 months, wherein the individual will be required to follow specific guidelines provided by the fertility specialist to maximise the chances of fertilization, transfer, and eventual pregnancy. The month period is consistent with the time frame that the egg takes in its final development journey. To ensure the best quality eggs are available for the IVF cycle adequate preparation helps.

Egg Development

The human egg begins its final developmental stage about 3 months prior to ovulation. And therefore, it takes about the same amount of time for the development of the best quality eggs for IVF Treatment cycle. Some of the enhancements in the stage of the development cycle must take as much of the 90 days as possible.

Dietary Changes

A high fat, moderate protein diet is the most recommended dietary plan whilst preparing for an IVF cycle. This helps reduce inflammation – the number one root cause of infertility. A high fat, low protein diet anti-inflammatory fats improves the body’s ability to heal and deliver nutrients to important reproductive organs. It’s important to stay hydrated throughout the IVF process, and especially in these early stages of implantation and pregnancy. Drinking plenty of water is always recommended.

Over the Counter Supplementation

While food is the foundation of improving male reproductive health, there are several key nutrients that help improve fertility but are required to be consumed additionally. It’s important to use the best, lab tested and verified supplements to help reduce inflammation and provide key missing nutrients that are required for fertility. These include coq10/ubiquinol, DHEA, inositol, Vitamin D amongst others.

Lifestyle Considerations

It is best to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle leading up to the IVF cycles. Taking three to six months to prepare the body for IVF is ideal. Because it takes three months or more for a follicle to mature, the quality of the eggs is therefore a direct representation of the fertile environment in your body during the preparatory months. Some of the key aspects of lifestyle modification as part of the IVF preparation include – quit smoking, have a healthy & active, improve dietary habits, have adequate rest & sleep, and reduce the amount of everyday stress for yourself.

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