Sexual Dysfunction and Infertility

What is sexual dysfunction and how common is it?
Sexual dysfunction is a common problem that affects an individual in a person’s sexual desire, arousal, or orgasm. Almost a third of all men are known to suffer from this condition and it is commonly encountered amongst men who have infertility. There are several reasons that contribute to decreased interest in sexual desires.

The condition can affect at any stage of life and leads to dissatisfaction and disinclination towards sexual activities. Some of the common types of dysfunctions associated with men include – lack of desire, lack of arousal, lack of orgasm, and lack of pleasure during sexual intercourse.

Why is it more common in couples with fertility problems?
Actually, the correlation between infertility and sexual dysfunction is a complex one. Firstly sexual dysfunction leads to infertility and then prolonged infertility causes added pressure that leads to sexual dysfunction. And it can get into a vicious cycle. That infertile couples are facing additional pressure, stress, and possibly leading to an emotional breakdown further adds to sexual dysfunction.

What happens with sexual dysfunction physically?
Sexual dysfunction has a physical manifestation wherein couples facing problems of arousal, interest, or orgasm will end up having painful intercourse leading to a disinclination to having intercourse, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or retarded ejaculation, amongst others.

What happens with sexual dysfunction emotionally?
Emotional effects of sexual dysfunction can lead to greater stress on relationships, depression, guilt, inferiority complex and others. Feeling of sexual inadequacy and decreased sexual intimacy further increase the chances of infertility.

Is there any way to treat this?
There are both clinical and psychological ways to treat sexual dysfunction. It is vital to understand the causes associated with infertility and treat them based on the underlying factors. In most cases a multipronged approach is advisable. While someone may be suffering from sexual dysfunction due to a physical factor, it can be accentuated by emotional and psychological stress as well. Also, diet and physical well-being also provide added impetus to sexual well-being.

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