Fertility Preservation

How to choose a Sperm Donor?

Sperm donation is the process of utilizing sperms of another male individual in case of abnormalities and difficulties in fertilization with the partner’s sperm. The sperm donor can’t be chosen either by an acquaintance, reference or even by anonymity. While sperm banks also provide anonymous donors, their respective identities are not revealed to either party.

What is Sperm Donor Screening?

Sperm donors undergo various tests and assessments to ensure they meet the necessary qualification criteria to be a sperm donor. This includes both personal health as well as reproductive health concerning their sperm motility. Irrespective of the nature of donation – anonymous, referenced, or personal – it is good to have a thorough screening process to ensure the best outcomes.

What is the Sperm Donation Process?

When you are looking for a sperm donor, you will need to schedule a consultation with the fertility specialists and express your interest/need for a sperm donor. It is best to do your research and know what you would like so that it becomes easier to find a match. Once there is a match and consent on the sperm donation, you can get started with your IVF process.

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