Surgical Sperm Recovery

Why would I need to have sperm removed surgically?

A surgical sperm recovery is required wherein there are no sperm present in the ejaculate, which is the seminal fluid released from the penis during orgasm. The condition is known as azoospermia and is largely caused by a blockage of the reproductive tract that causes disruption in the flow of the sperm from the testes. In some other cases, it could be caused due to difficulties in sperm production. Thus, in the case of azoospermia, there is still a possibility of the man being able to father a child, for which a surgical retrieval of the sperm becomes necessary.

What are the goals of surgical sperm retrieval?

The basic goal of surgical sperm retrieval is to extract sperm from the man to fertilise the eggs in the IVF cycle. Consequently, fertility specialists also look for the best quality sperm available and obtain enough quantity to be used for fresh fertilization and freezing purpose. Finally, the surgeon will also look to take sufficient precautions for protecting the structural integrity of the reproductive tract and the testicles

What is involved in surgical sperm retrieval?

Surgical sperm retrieval can be done through the skin or in some cases an incision may be required, this is known as either a percutaneous or open procedure. In some cases, the retrieval can be achieved via an aspiration, while in others a tissue sample may have to be extracted. The location of the retrieval site also varies from individual-to-individual such as – testicle, epididymis, or vas deferens. Finally, the extraction process involves either a microscopic retrieval or a conventional retrieval.

Why choose one method over another?

Each of the aforementioned methods involved in the surgical retrieval of sperm can be evaluated and applied based on the needs and conditions of the patient. Also, each of these will have various implications – pros & cons – that must be weighed in the context of the infertility and the patient concerned.

Are other tests needed?

There needs to be a through and complete evaluation of both partners before the surgical retrieval is planned and attempted. A semen analysis is conducted to check for the underlying condition and a physical examination of the individual must also be done. In some cases, the doctor could also suggest a testicular biopsy to ensure that azoospermia’s exact cause is ascertained before a surgical procedure is attempted.

Once sperm is retrieved, is it used right away?

This will be a decision based on the discussion of the fertility expert and the urologist. In some cases, fresh sperm may be required and used in the fertilization process right away and in some cases the same may be frozen for later use.

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