Ovulation Induction with Timed Intercourse

What is Ovulation Induction?

This is the most basic form of fertility treatment and in many cases all couples need for a conception is a timed intercourse. Given the fact that a woman’s body requires ovulating, timed intercourse is the simplest form of treatment for a couple to receive. If a woman’s menstrual cycle is irregular, she may not be ovulating on a consistent basis or at all. Ovulatory disorders are one of the most common causes of infertility, and account for infertility in 25% of couples.

With a limited timeframe for fertilization to occur, it is important to have intercourse at the appropriate time. Monitoring occurs to track approximately when you will ovulate, so you have a greater potential for fertilization.
Ovulation induction, also referred to as ovarian stimulation, is often used for women who don’t ovulate regularly on their own, and there are many types of medication that can be used. Some are available in pill form and block estrogen receptors, making the body think estrogenic levels are low. This stimulates the release of a hormone called Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) from the brain, leading to ovulation (the release of one egg) or sometimes superovulation, meaning that more than one egg is released.

The more eggs produced in a cycle, the greater the chance of conception. Careful monitoring with ultrasounds during the process increases the chance of success while also minimizing the risk of twins and more than twins. For some women who are resistant to ovulation induction with pills, more aggressive medications, such as Follicle Stimulating Hormone in the form of once-daily injections, can be used with careful monitoring.

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