Why use IVM?

In vitro maturation helps prevent ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome and thus it is best considered an option for those suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) or PCO- like ovaries. Women with pre-existing ovarian hyperstimulation can have an exaggerated response to stimulation medicines and therefore IVM is advisable in such cases.

Is IVM useful in cancer patients?

Yes, it is useful wherein the patient may not have the time to wait for perfectly mature eggs to be retrieved before the cancer treatment. In which case, the eggs can be retrieved as is and then matured using IVM.

Are there any benefits to IVM?

Some of the basic advantages of IVM over IVF is that there is an economy of both time and cost. The immediate cost of treatment is reduced while also taking lesser time when compared to conventional IVF. However, there is also reduced pregnancy rates with IVM which needs to be factored in before deciding.

Is IVM available today?

Largely, IVM is still an experimental and last resort option in many cases. Conventional IVF is still the gold standard of assisted reproduction and has proven to be successful over the decades. IVM is being perfected and will still take some time to be fully available across the board as the preferred choice of fertility treatment.

Would IVM benefit all infertile women?

Currently, this is still inconclusive, and the research is ongoing. Women who ovulate normally have been evidenced to respond better to IVF compared to IVM.

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