Dr. Poornima Battala/Ailaveni

Fertility Specialist

Dr. Poornima is a reproductive medicine specialist with adequate exposure to multiple areas of Obstetrics & Gynaecology. She can diagnose, counsel and manage infertile couples. She is well versed in stimulation protocols, individualisation, cycle monitoring , pickup and embryo transfer techniques.

Dr Poornima completed her MBBS from Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad. She went on to complete her MS (OBG) from SVS Medical College/Hospital, Telangana. She holds ICOG Fellowship from Pune Fertility Center, under DR. Bharati Dhorepatil.

Prior to her association with Oasis Fertility, she was associated with Osmania-Sultan Bazar Maternity Hospital, Hyderabad, and Smile IVF Center, Pune.

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